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Academic withdrawals are student-initiated requests to discontinue enrollment in classes

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Academic withdrawals are student-initiated requests to discontinue enrollment in classes

Academic Withdrawals

There are two types of academic withdrawals: 1) Course Withdrawals and 2) Session/University Withdrawals. Both types of withdrawals may have implications for financial aid. Students with financial aid should refer to the financial aid policies in the Tuition, Fees, Grants, Scholarships and Financial Aid    section of the catalog. Park University follows the VA’s policy on how withdrawals will affect beneficiaries. The VA’s policy generally requires that withdrawals, adjustments, and/or terminations are VA-certified within 30 days of the last date of attendance. The VA has sole determination with regard VA debt-related issues, but Park University may explain the circumstances that resulted in the VA debt. Additionally, international nonimmigrant students who are withdrawn from a course(s) may lose their lawful nonimmigrant status. Student-athletes who are withdrawn from a course(s) may jeopardize their eligibility.

  1. Course WithdrawalA course withdrawal is an official, student-initiated request to discontinue enrollment in one or more, but not all, courses in a session (Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring, Maymester, etc.).The notification to discontinue enrollment in a course(s) occurs after the enrollment adjustment period and, therefore, results in a grade of “W” (withdrawn) or “WF” (withdraw failure). Students who withdraw within the first two-thirds of the session receive a “W”. Students who withdraw during the last third of the session receive a “WF”. Home campus and distance students must request a course withdrawal through the Student Success Center or by e-mailing  Students at campus centers must notify their campus center or student success coach. Students may not initiate an academic withdrawal from a class if the course instructor has submitted an academic dishonesty form implicating the student in a violation of the Academic Honesty policy. In the event that an academic dishonesty allegation results in a finding of no-fault, the effective date for withdrawal will be adjusted as needed.
  2. Session/University WithdrawalA session/university withdrawal is a student-initiated request to discontinue all courses within a session (Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring, Maymester, etc.). To request a session/university withdrawal, students must complete the Request for Session/University Withdrawal form in the MyPark portal under My Student Academic Tools>Academic Information>Request for Session/University Withdrawal Form or contact the Registrar’s Office (3rd floor Mackay; ; 816-584-6270). Students are able to initiate a session/university withdrawal until the last day of the session. When requesting a session/university withdrawal, refunds (if applicable, see refund policy) and grades (see grading policy) for all withdrawn courses are based on the date the withdrawal request form is submitted or the date the student provides official notification to the Registrar’s Office of intent to withdraw from a session. Students who are unable to officially withdraw due to military deployments, hospitalization, or other extenuating circumstances must submit supporting documentation to , preferably at the time of the withdrawal request but no later than five business days following submission of the request. Exceptions to the grading and/or refund policies are granted at the sole discretion of the University.

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Administrative Withdrawals

Administrative withdrawals are initiated by Park University for reasons such as non-attendance, non-payment, academic suspension, or misconduct. Park University reserves the right to administratively withdraw a student from class(es) for failure to meet financial obligations or failure to participate in an academically related activity in a class during the first two weeks of the session. If a student does not initiate the academic withdrawal process and has not participated in an academically-related activity in the class during the first two weeks, the University will initiate an administrative withdrawal from the respective course(s) with no record on the transcript.

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